Sugar Daddy is a candy, not a real man

Women who mine gold fill dating sites, just like in the real world. If you have some money, I’m sure you know how fast women who dig gold are calling. However, there are several ways you can avoid becoming a sugar daddy to these women by avoiding them all together.
1. Pay attention to what a woman poses as “inclusion” in her profile. If she enjoys the “little things in life” or “enjoys pampering,” you might want to keep an eye out. Also, if you notice that she describes herself as “spoiled”, it may not be what you want if you want to keep your wallet out of the relationship.
2. Notice her profile picture. Do you see it in Gucci’s shoes with a matching bag? Do you notice a dress like the one you see on magazine covers at the box office? If it looks just like she came down Hollywood Street and her income is 20-40 K, then you have to run the other way. Someone had to pay for all these luxuries, and if it wasn’t her, you had to question who it was.
3. When you start talking to her, be careful

key phrases that will let you know what she is actually looking for. Basically, if talking constantly leads to how much you earn, how much you enjoy spending your money, what luxury you afford, or any other issues that are mostly about money, and those questions are not a common part of the conversation, this is a woman to avoid.
4. A woman who wants to make sure that the person she is interested in is financially stable is one thing; a woman who can only see dollar signs is something completely different.
5. If you are already in a relationship and begin to understand the woman behind the gold digger, you can still avoid becoming her sugar daddy. If a woman works, and we face many women, then she doesn’t feel the need to buy her expensive things or take her out on expensive meals.
6. It is not necessary to smear your partner, especially if the only spoilage he or she responds to is from the green kind. There are many things you can do together that you won’t have to spend your entire monthly salary on. Cleavage is occasionally okay, but when a woman starts to expect it and gets upset when she doesn’t get it, that’s when you know she wants you to be her sugar daddy.
You have worked too hard for your money to spend on someone who sees you as just a free ride. You should decide how much you want to spend on a relationship, and if what you want to spend does not match how much she is determined to make you spend, then you need to reconsider your relationship.

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