When people join an online dating service they tend to assume that they will have a lot of messages sent to them by other members almost immediately.

If you have been using these services for a while, you will probably realize that this is not always the case. Instead of blaming other members for the lack of messages in your inbox, it’s always a good idea to look a little closer to home. There are several things that people do in their dating profile that can be involuntarily stop putting other members.
One of the first things someone will notice on your profile is a photo or a lack of photos. It is always advisable to upload a photo if possible, otherwise others will assume that you have something to hide or do not look good. Many people will not even consider a profile unless it contains an image, so you will immediately damage your online dating success if you decide not to upload one. If you upload a photo make sure it clearly shows your face, preferably happy and smiling. When uploading a picture of you that looks unhappy, no one will feel the need to contact you. The idea is to attract others to read the rest of your profile and have a happy picture, you will be sending a positive atmosphere.
Another big mistake that people make is with the content of their message. It could be the easy option to keep the basic description and relatively short, but that doesn’t really give much to other members to move on. If it includes something interesting about you, then you are more likely to receive mail, as it gives other members something to ask you when they contact you. The description should also be easy to read without spelling or grammar mistakes. Others do not want to spend their time trying to decipher your profile, especially if you have used a lot of text chats, which is not recommended. The use of text chat and slang can discourage others immediately. Other members are trying to read a profile that is not too long or too short, makes you sound like you really want to be there and is easy to understand.
Your attitude can really show in what you write. Try to look positive and happy and write what you like in life and what makes you smile. Avoid mentioning everything you hate in life as you find how to be unhappy and always find something to complain about. If you have been hurt in the past by a former partner, it does not seem aggressive and negative in your profile. Many people on dating sites have been seriously injured in the past by former partners, so don’t assume you’re the only one. Remember that everyone is different, so don’t compare others with the person who hurt you. If you generally classify all men / women to be equal, then it is not surprising that nobody wants to contact you. If you have recently left a serious relationship, joining an online dating service may not be a good idea, since you may be recovering with many personal problems still to be resolved.
People can stand up as very demanding. If you write a long list of criteria in your profile of how your ideal partner should and should not be, then again you are limiting the number of people who could contact you. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want and having certain things that you like in someone, just try not to list every little thing in your profile.
Everyone joins a dating site for several reasons, some are after a long term relationship, some are a casual relationship and some are only after a night standing. That you are never looking for, try to be courteous and honest in your profile so that others know exactly what you are looking for. If you believe that your profile follows these basic rules and still does not receive messages, consider sending more messages yourself. It is not enough to join a dating site and sit back and wait for others to contact you, contact you and send messages to others that will increase your chances of being contacted. It can take time to succeed at a dating site, you just have to stay positive and be patient.

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