So your first date, and it goes horribly.

Or is it really? It turns out it’s just a matter of perspective. The same things that are making your date a failure could actually make something much better. Keep reading for some signs that your date ruined anything but.
Not your type
So you’ve seen your new photographic quotes online, but when you meet in person, you realize that they are not so your type. If you are thinking “Let’s go!”, Think again. Remember that there are thousands of happy couples who are not of another type. To exclude someone simply because it does not meet your visual standards is without a world of possibilities.
If you don’t think your date is your type, try to redefine your “type” in terms of someone’s personality and how they make you feel, rather than how they look. Doing so can greatly expand your dating horizons. As long as you can at least finish the date, you can live the moment and give love a chance.
You have started your appointment and you cannot avoid noticing the nervousness of the appointments. His hands tremble, his voices tremble and sweat. This could make you think that there is something seriously wrong with this person, and you may not want to date them again.
Extreme nervousness doesn’t have to mean bad things. It could mean that this person likes you a lot. Give them a second chance and they will probably be more relaxed.
You and your date are having a normal conversation and know each other, when suddenly you have a conflict of opinion. This begins as a simple disagreement, but soon intensifies in a full-fledged fight. No matter what you are discussing, fighting never feels good on a first date. But arguing on the first date can be a great sign. Fighting can mean that there is passion between you. The sparks may not fly as you expected, but they are flying anyway.
The argument usually leads to an interesting conversation, so the next time you are in a heated discussion with an appointment, embrace your differences. Agree to disagree, then move on to the things you have in common.
If your appointment goes through the night drilling questions for you trying to learn your life story, it could mean that they are interested in you and are trying too hard.
If your appointment is drilling you, try to turn it over and ask them some questions, like this one, it won’t seem unilateral. If you have a second date, try a movie, this way you won’t have to talk all the time.
Kiss lost
If your date doesn’t kiss you good night, it doesn’t always mean you don’t like it. A lost kiss can often be a sign of respect, they may be waiting for the perfect moment.
In the absence of a kiss, think of other signs of attraction. If your appointment is making eye contact, and you give undivided attention, they will most likely be interested in you. Hold on and you’ll be drinking in no time!

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