Blind dates are scary and can hurt you or cost you your life.

The children do not realize what they are arriving because they see a picture of someone they want to go out with and maybe they talked to them once on the phone they don’t know that these supposed dates are out for something else.
There are a lot of cute strangers, but it is not worth the bet to find out if what you find is good or bad. A 19-year-old girl went out blindly with someone she met through an online dating site and said it was the worst night of her life.
Instead of driving his car, he picked it up and told him they were going to the restaurant, but instead he took it to the forest. It was dark and cold and terrified. I kept telling him I wanted to show you something.
When he stopped the car in a desolate wooded area, he got out, took duct tape, took it out of the car and put his hands behind her. He recorded his mouth so he couldn’t scream and his eyes so he couldn’t see what was happening.
I wanted him to be afraid, and in fact he was. He held a knife in his throat and told him that if she tried to fight him, he would cut his neck. He raped her again and again and hit her until she was unconscious.
He saw the headlights of another car and thought she was dead, so she got out of the car and left. She climbed where the car saw her and passersby took her to the hospital. The police interfered with her and she told them her name, the online dating site where she met him, but when they checked her profile, they didn’t even use her real name.
He was lucky because for some reason another car entered the same wooded area and saved his life. I was miles away from nowhere and probably wouldn’t come on foot because I was cold, seriously injured and had no shoes. It’s good that two teenagers were looking for a private place to become heroes for this girl.
He said he will never forget the horror of that night and is grateful to have had a second chance in life. Blind dating is dangerous, rather it is a friend who wants you to date someone you have never met or someone from an online dating site.
The best opportunity to find the date of your dream is to go to your local dating service. They are reliable, perform background checks and require their members to meet with them in person.

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