Do you look around other eligible singles in nightclubs and wonder if you’ll ever find a suitable partner? Does your group of friends seem to be made up of more and more married and less and less single friends? Are you worried that time is getting longer?

Internet dating may seem at first a drastic (and perhaps risky) step to take. But there are things you can do to maximize your chances of success while minimizing the risks.
The first step in venturing into the online dating community is to overcome the idea that what you are doing is an act of despair.
In fact, millions of people have already made the leap to online dating as a way to find a relationship. According to a CBS News survey, six percent of single Internet users dated someone they met online and 42 percent know someone who has.
Of all Internet users surveyed, 1 percent say they actually got married due to an Internet meeting and 16 percent say they know a couple who has. A full 58 percent say they think online dating is safe or safer than meeting in bars or nightclubs. .
Of course, not everyone who participates in an online pairing site is looking for a lifetime partner. Some are just trying to make life a little more fun. With online dating, you can find out a lot about a person (and their intentions) before going on a date. It is an efficient way to exadise those people with whom you don’t want to spend time and find more than you do.
As our lives become increasingly dependent on technology instead of face-to-face contact, it makes sense that more and more love connections are made in this way.
Women, in particular, can feel more empowered by choosing to venture into the world of online dating. The Internet allows you to have control before making your first contact, and reliable and established online sites have a whole system that allows you to get to know each other well before meeting face to face or even sharing contact information.
The anonymity of online dating is one of its best features, but it can also be one of its worst. Because online dating is so anonymous, you may find that it encourages a certain degree of exaggeration (or a direct lie.) When you meet someone online, you take everything they say with a grain of salt, considering that The person could hide anything from a marriage to a criminal record. Use common sense and stay behind your wall of anonymity until you’re sure you’re ready to face face to face.
To increase your chances of success, first try the largest and most established online dating sites. These sites, such as eHarmony.com, Yahoo Personals and PerfectMatch.com tend to have more complete systems to protect your identity. In addition, you are likely to find more members to choose from, as well as more member activities.
If you do a Google search, you will find many dating sites that advertise free membership. But you want to be careful here. It can be difficult to find full services for members, some of which are put in place to keep you safe, in some of these smaller, free sites.
Instead of searching for free dating sites, you may want to try a free trial between the four or five main sites (at the same time). You can then decide which one, if any, of these sites is right for you, at least to the point where you can justify spending your monthly membership fees.) Monthly rates vary, but the average is approximately $ 25. per month, so it certainly isn’t exorbitant, especially if you’ve found the site that’s right for you.
Often, you can get a discount by paying membership fees several months in advance. When you’re starting, try the free trial and then change at a month-to-month rate until you’re sure you’ve chosen the right community.
Another great way to find the most suitable online pairing site is to ask your friends about the type of experience they have with dating services or forums. You may be surprised to discover how many of your friends are active in the online dating community.
The most important thing is to have fun and pay attention to everything that doesn’t feel right. Even if you don’t find a match made in paradise during your online dating adventures, you may find some friendships for life.

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