Forty million individual people access online dating sites every month.

Most likely, some of those people are idiots or lies about their appearance. We have all heard stories of a gross misrepresentation. What the hell does some extra stuffing mean?
I went to have coffee once with a woman I met online. She described herself as beautiful and blonde with an “extra little filler” as a result of having a child.
Beauty is very subjective, but the fact that she considered herself beautiful was fine with me. After all, a person must be very ugly for a coffee to become unbearable.
The blonde was fine with me too, but forgot that she said she bought it. She wasn’t really blonde, but rather a slight tone of mud. A little extra padding is where everything came off the rails.
If I had gone to the movies with this lady, I would have had trouble squatting her behind the chair. Honestly this lady had more than a little extra stuffing. It was obese for three years.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say it’s perfect or in good shape. I am 5’9 “and I weigh one hundred and eighty pounds. According to BMI calculations, they are on the high side of the” normal weight “or on the low side of” obese. ”
This lady was severely overweight, not that there is anything wrong with this. But the fact that I lied is what I found so offensive.
One of the sexiest women I’ve ever met was overweight. He could easily bear losing thirty or forty pounds, but he oozed sexuality. Everything was class, well together and the total package.
I do not know if I will return. Because I felt that he lied to me, I didn’t see the blond hair in color I saw the color of the mud. I didn’t look pretty, I saw it ugly.
He seemed like a good person, but I felt like he was really pulling me fast.
All this could have been avoided if he had published his photo. And more importantly, he should have insisted on seeing his photo. I learned a very valuable lesson while drinking coffee that day. Now I refuse to meet any woman unless I see her photo first. I’m not saying it’s all this, but I think showing someone else your picture is a good start.
In all online dating sites, it has been consistently shown that men and women who post their photos on their profile are much more likely to have contacts from other members.
When you see a photo first, you can certainly avoid disappointments later.

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