Hang out with a Chinese woman?

With a plethora of Chinese online dating sites popping up all over the place, and even many men who want to date a Chinese lady, it’s probably best that we take a look at how a Chinese lady is given, since in reality her culture It is very different, not to mention the fact that they are also women, and women can be an enigma at best, Chinese or not!
So, is there really any difference with dating a Chinese woman compared to a western woman, or even Japanese or Thai women (actually many Thai women come from Chinese extraction)? Or is it the same in reality? Well, after living in China for more than eight years, I can tell you that dating a Chinese woman is a very different experience from the West.
So let’s take a look at some things that you should be aware of when you want to find out how to date a Chinese lady at this time:
How a Chinese Lady Basics dates
First, let me go crazy in a little secret: Chinese women are not as conservative as they are, and other people and dating sites would make them believe. In all my experiences with them, if you can overcome that first cultural barrier you will probably find a woman who can release as much as any western woman can, if not more in some cases!
So what can we do to take her to the place where she will feel relaxed enough to show us her true character, so that we can judge more correctly if this is a woman with whom we would like to have a long-term relationship? Because I can assure you, discover months, and sometimes even years after your Chinese girlfriend or girlfriend is totally inappropriate for you is a shock that you really don’t want (it’s also very common in the street; take from me having met countless western couples / Chinese)!
1. Try not to be too tactile with a Chinese woman, you are not so accustomed to her in your culture, and many turn away from her. But, if there is a situation that can be dangerous, that is, crossing the road, then maybe driving gently with your hands. This will really have a surprisingly strong positive effect on her, and will release her considerably.
2. Forget about equal rights for women what when you pay the bill, no continental Chinese woman wants to pay the bill, even the really big ones! It’s simply part of their culture and I think it’s a men’s job to pay the bill, and that’s it! You may feel free to re-frame your point of view later in a relationship, but it is not worth the embarrassment of both sides to pull it before you become intimate.
3. ‘A little flattery will take you everywhere, a lot of flattery will not take you anywhere!’ Some forms of flattery within Chinese culture can be simple ways of greeting, and also a form of courtesy. But if you go the way to give too many compliments (as some Chinese dating sites recommend) then you may very well find any desire for it to diminish.

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