How often do we hear that they never find anyone fit to leave? No matter how hard they try, regularly check online dating sites, accept invitations from friends, join various groups that never seem to meet someone with whom they really gel.

Is something else happening or are they really ready, available for today and simply unlucky in their search?
If it’s you, what do you have to do to make yourself available for today?
– The work can put many requests and distractions in our being available for this day. Being tired, worried or too busy can mean that we have little free time or energy to enthusiastically make the effort to look attractive and be receptive to another person’s charm. Preparing to meet someone new requires some effort, time and money, and there isn’t always much to do if we are immersed in business demands, deadlines and family concerns.
We may not even be sure of how free we will be to wholeheartedly pursue a new relationship in the coming weeks and months. Working long hours or staying regularly away from home can put a buffer on our desire to go out with us. We are already so busy that even thinking about the first days of a new relationship may seem too much of an effort to worry. However, building a business or career is often done with an eye on our future expectations, waiting to settle with a partner, have a family, build a house together.
Being careful to find a better balance in life often incorporates a change of mentality in which we include all areas of life and make ourselves available to this day.
– Friends know us well and can insist that they really want to see us settled and loved in a great new relationship, but is it really so? Are you sure that deep down they are good for the existing dynamics of your changing friendship, where your time and loyalty can begin to be influenced by the need to consider another person?
You may notice a change in your behavior as you begin to need it more, or become negative or critical of any potential new suitors. Pay attention to what happens and try to discuss how you feel both. Provide the assurance that they will always be important and determine to maintain regular contact, although sometimes it must be done by phone or online.
– The family can be interesting, especially if you are very close to your siblings or parents. The brothers may be jealous of their brother or sister’s perspective, especially if they shared a lot, maybe they helped each other in hard times, survived a breakup and spent many hours together sharing trusts and advice, regularly checking the Base.
Daughters and mothers Girls often say that their mother is their best friend, they call each other every day, they discuss everything. But there is a saying, give your children roots to grow and wings to fly. Some mothers have difficulty letting go and are too dependent on their children for the company. They can be possessive, hate losing their intense proximity to a new third party.
If a mother refuses to let go, she can avoid the possibility of a new relationship for her daughter. Often in a position of influence, you can always be present with money, goodies, internal knowledge of what buttons to press. You can call regularly, constantly available to help and provide support one minute in advance. How can a new potential relationship compete with such an intimate and established bond?
– Children and parents are also often great companions, sharing hobbies and interests, perhaps spending hours together for a joint love for sports, cars, etc. Some can work together and be better partners. A new girl can be a great intrusion on the amount of time they usually choose to spend together. As with mothers and daughters, it can be difficult to separate if the father is reluctant to step back and decides to come strong with guilt, loyalty or role ‘why waste time with him or her’.
If you have begun to understand how much you are struggling to make yourself available for this day, accept that change has to come to you. You have to determine what is happening or what is happening. Each new relationship requires effort, commitment and sometimes it may seem like hard work.
If you finally want to settle down, maybe find a long time partner, maybe start a family, some things may have to change. Being stronger and more assertive with some of your existing relationships could be a step you will have to take. You need to be ready to do whatever it takes to prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally to meet someone who can satisfy you and meet your relationship needs. Then you will be available until today!

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