I receive many emails from women who are in a very common and extremely painful situation: they are hung up or are involved with married men.

Many of them tell me that the reason they can’t let go is because the man is in a “bad” marriage or that his wife is even abusive.
I do not know if I will return. No matter how wonderful a man is, the only thing that matters is whether or not he wants to be with you, permanently and completely. In addition, a man who remains with an abusive woman wants – at a deep level – to be abused.
That means that if you are a beautiful and good woman, even if you leave your wife, you will not be attracted to yourself or the stability you provide. You can see it? It is similar to the way many women are attracted to “bad boys” and abusive men.
Intellectually, he knows it is terrible and you are good, kind and sweet, but subconsciously viscerally he wants to be abused. It excites him in some way. It is not healthy, but then you know it.
You are never too old for the relationship you want
I recently received an email from a woman in the same situation as I described earlier – she was in love with a married man who was in a miserable abusive marriage. She was also in her sixties and so desperate that love would pass and that this married man was her only chance of romance.
If you can relate to her, I want you to know this important fact: you have a lot of time. I have worked with many 60-year-old women who have found love, and much faster than you imagine.
Online dating is a brilliant way to meet many men. Forget even the bars and find the things that men do: golf, sports bars, sporting events, classes, classes, computer classes … things like that interest you.
And if you live in a city that makes it impossible to find a good group of men, then you have to consider moving.
Balance the masculine and the feminine
What you want to do is put your inner “boyfriend” on the march to proactively get you out of the house, on dating sites, to individual events and salsa dancing and quick dating.
But then the key is to be able to pass from the masculine energy “making” to the feminine energy “feeling” that is within you. This is what is extremely attractive – even irresistible – to a man.
This means that once you are out, you simply allow yourself to enjoy your surroundings and be fully present. Focus on the experience: if you are in a bar, you really feel the cappuccino foam on your lips. Take it all. You lean on and let the men approach you. Let things happen and take place naturally instead of jumping and taking control.
I know that once you get out and start letting men get close to you – even those that you may want to ignore immediately – your confidence in yourself will receive a great boost and you will feel much more attractive.
And more importantly, you’re going to break your addiction to a married man who can never give you what you want … and open up to receive all the love he deserves from a man who can.

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