If you are single and considering entering the online dating world, you need to carefully consider your options.

There are literally thousands of websites that deal with every type of person and relationship. You can decide to try one of the most famous and popular ones, but my advice is to take a good look around, see what’s out there and make an informed decision that’s best for you. Hope this short guide will help you.
I’m spoiled for choice – who to go for?
It depends on YOU. How much would you like to spend on membership? What kind of person are you looking for? What kind of connection are you looking for? What information do you want to enter in your profile? Many popular websites offer a free trial – during which you can have full or limited membership for a certain amount of time or view other people’s profiles to see if you can find a compatible match. If you’re new to internet dating, it’s probably best to look for some of the big names out there. They all have an extremely large customer base with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.
What should I put in my profile?
The best advice I can give you is to be completely honest, regardless of who you are or what kind of person you would like to attract. If you work in a fast food restaurant, do not say you are an airline pilot, if you are 35, do not say you are 21. The more honest you are, the more likely you are to meet someone who will be a good fit for you. Make sure you put the updated photo in your profile. List your hobbies and interests, talk about your life so far, and end your description with a summary of the type of person you would like to date and what kind of connection you are looking for. Don’t overdo it with the amount of information in your profile, but be sure to cover up important points.
While looking at potential dates, choose carefully. Be sure to read their profiles carefully, and if the site allows it, do not be afraid to contact them (via email or IM) and ask them questions. Most people will not mind this because they are there for the same reason as you. It is unnecessary that if you make an appointment with someone, you should do so in a public place. Not only is this safer, it also makes the date feel less pressured. Above all else, make sure you have fun and don’t take things too seriously. Dating is about meeting new people and having a good time.

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