Recently I was asked to review a large number of online dating sites that are available to us through the virtual world.

As you probably already know, the entire online dating market has exploded absolutely in the last five years, new dating sites are popping up every day and all promising to meet all possible niches. Seriously, take a look at yourself, no matter what you care about, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a dedicated dating site, which doesn’t offer you rope relationships or the introduction to the person of your dreams.
As part of my review process, I decided to subscribe to some of the sites. Some got rid of the membership payment, others took advantage of the free membership offer. It is in the free membership area that I began to suspect online dating sites, I am convinced that I have discovered a scam. Let me explain how it works, please take note of this. If you are using online dating sites, this tip could save you time, effort and especially money.
Almost all online dating sites offer a free subscription, this generally gives the new member the ability to browse, search and upload a profile. As part of the profile, there are specific questions that you must overcome. For example, who you are, what you are looking for and where you live. Once completed, the profile starts and is active and available to allow others to browse.
If other users decide, they can contact you through the messaging system of the dating site. The message will reach the email you used to register. The first time I did this, I took time and effort with my profile and took advantage of the service as if I were a genuine user, after all they paid me to write an opinion. In a few hours, I was surprised to receive several messages from other members, offering to meet, chat and sometimes more. At first I was absolutely happy, the profile worked, I was in business!
I decided to respond to one of the messages, I clicked on the link in the email and they took me to a page that asked me to pay to attend their service before I could respond. I read the email again and decided that I was eager to continue the conversation via email. So in this case I was happy to pay the monthly membership fee, by doing so I responded to the email.
A few days later I had not received an answer, so I decided to respond to the other messages I had received. Interestingly, the same thing happened, there is no answer. Don’t worry too much, I left it in the experience and I no longer thought about it. I continued my project, taking advantage of free subscriptions in different sites. The only difference is that I took less and less time with respect to the profile, in most cases writing the bare minimum and leaving the rest empty.
You can imagine my surprise when I started receiving emails in response to the various profiles I had sent. I thought that these profiles had no information about them, but I was receiving all kinds of exotic, interesting and often tempting messages from other so-called “members.” Then I began to detect the trend, in order to respond to these supposed members I had to join the site, which meant I had to spend money. Of course, based on my experience with the previous site, I already knew that these ghost profiles were there simply to tempt me with my money.
I decided to try the free membership of ten other known sites, every time the same thing happened. The most attractive person with a great image would offer all kinds of goodies if he simply answered them. The first email was almost like a clock, so I started to think that it should be quite easy to set up my dating site. I did more research and found that an online dating script is available for peanuts if you look in the right places. This meant that all I needed was a domain name and a hosting account to be in the dating business.
How about a scary thought? I could spend time or pay others to post their profiles, find some interesting photos of people and then advertise my site. My suggestion is that this has been going on for some time, and it is time for people to be aware of it. How do you fight back? My suggestion is to stick to known sites, brands you can trust and spend money on advertising outside the Internet.

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