Where are the elders?

It is a fact that more people gather online these days than in social events or even at work and this is especially true for the elderly. A surprising percentage of boomers are looking for a new relationship and find it online. I can guarantee it, it is where my wife and I met six and a half years ago and it was a great movement for us.
Older people know the online success story of the elderly.
I had been out of a 39-year-old marriage and had four children, Gemma had divorced 16 years before and had two children. Of course, all the “children” were raised and had their own relationships and families. Two singles, free to find new loves and new adventures. I was 60 years old and ‘ran home with mom!’ She was one of my daughters who suggested that if I sat down to watch TV night after night I would soon be old before my time.
Doing nothing was tempting
After 40 years of “doing home” sitting and letting the world go by was very tempting, but you know that our generation is expected to live long lives, maybe 100 and 40 years after being a couch potato it seems more like a sentence from prison than an ambition, so I subscribe to read a dating site.
Write an honest profile
Considering that I had never done anything like that before making a good decision, I had a 1000 character “assignment” to write my profile, I would use each one of them and write a complete and honest profile. I have exposed everything, who I am, my age, how I got to be where I am today, what I like, what I don’t like, what I do for fun, what I am looking for in a totally open and honest relationship.
Search for an honest profile
How do you know when you are seeing an honest profile? Well you can’t. Some people are just playing and there’s nothing wrong with that – that’s what they want from the site, different experiences, a little fun, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I was ready to ‘kiss a couple of frogs’ before finding my sleeping beauty, but being careful to sift through the responses that came every day in my email account meant I didn’t have to.
One in every million
The site sent me some matches and one game was amazing, I had worked as hard as I did on his profile. The site told me it was a million-dollar game for me and that’s how it came out. We met and wooed and two years later we got engaged. We only got married two years ago and how it will end for this was the best play I could have done.
Goodbye to The Quiet Life – Hello Adventure
Now every day is a good day, we plan our vacations, work in our business together, in our house and enjoy a fantastic extended family life.
When the elders meet the elders and get a good bond they bring something to their new relationship that they had never had before: the experience. Experience of making mistakes and determination not to make such mistakes again. You may have guessed that I strongly recommend it, if you are an old man considering going out late in life do not delay, somewhere there is a great relationship for you and all you have to do is reach it and live life at max again.

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