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Your profile pictures are critical to getting a guy’s attention. It is very visually oriented. The first thing they will check are profile photos. If they are attracted to him, he will read what you have to say. If not, they will move on to the next profile. It only takes a few seconds before deciding whether to stay or move to the next profile.
Your image must be attractive and recent. If your hair style has changed, consider a new image. The guy’s main complaint and exclusion is that the woman doesn’t look like her picture or looks much older than the picture. He takes it as a breach of trust and wonders what else would be untrue. You’ve lost his confidence and it’s over. This is something that you have complete control over. It’s simple and can be handled to work in your favor without much time or expense.
The guy wants to see a picture of your smiling face and a nice, appropriate full body shot. This critical information was gathered from interviews of dozens of men. Imagine a man moving through profile tones and if he doesn’t see a full body shot, he’ll think the worst. He will often not take the opportunity to spend his time or money on a date he thinks he might regret. She hates surprises and won’t give her a second chance. Take steps to stop him in his tracks when he sees your picture.
Take some pictures of yourself or a friend take some face and body shots. Sort yourself by the head and be very special when choosing one that will look friendly with a nice smile in your eyes as well as on your lips. A very light forty-five degree angle is a nice, not full face view. It’s slimmer and creates a more friendly image. The slight tilt of the head adds a nice flirtatious touch that attracts the man by the eye.
Wear more makeup than you would normally wear. The flash and lighting in the room will empty you out, making you look pale and less defined than you are in person. Take a few shots and choose one that is very flattering. Make sure to express yourself with the eyes in the picture. Look at him interested in a friendly, flirtatious way. When photographing, think of a joke or something comfortable. Keep that glow or smile in your eyes as well as your lips. Guys like to see a woman smiling and want a woman they think will blow her up.
Talk to him directly in your profile
The first words you write are vital. You can say something like … “Hey, I totally understand how hard it is to find great women online” … etc. Look at it from his perspective because no one else does it, it will set you apart. Remember that there is no patience when searching through profiles because it does not know you and passes very quickly. It will take only a few seconds for each profile, much less for those who immediately turn it off and will certainly not read the long, negative, uninteresting profile. It will simply move on to the next one and in the blink of an eye you have lost the opportunity with this guy. You need to get his attention and keep him long enough to engage his mind and think that he wants to meet him and spend time with you.
Write as if you were sitting across the table from him. It’s like talking and having fun with a good friend. Do not sound like a textbook or make lists of your attributes. Always use a spell checker and have someone else read it before you post it. Another person may catch something that can turn him off.

Your photo and your profile are your hook to get his attention to start a conversation.
Make your profile quite short and fill it with word pictures to help him understand what he really is. You can say something like this that you enjoy volunteering at your local children’s center so that he or she can gain an idea of ​​what you are doing, which shows your good qualities. To say I am kind, gentle, honest, etc. is a real turning point for a guy. He knows anyone can say these things. But if you say that what you do proves that you are like that, then you will be trusted and trusted more. Many women are not honest in their profiles and make sure you are not one of them.
When she first sees you, you will know that you are posting an instant picture of yourself. And make sure that the way you act when you meet him is the way you presented yourself on your profile. Never put yourself in the air and try not to say that you are something you are not because you will find out and it will be over! This is not a place for second chances.
Be optimistic and positive
A guy’s worst fear is that they might be connected to someone who makes their lives less interesting and fun. They don’t want someone to have fun with all the time, not even one night, let alone their entire lives! Hey, they were honest when they discovered this stuff. When you first meet, make sure you have a very attractive, comfortable look on your face. The look you want is the look you have just before you get ready to smile. Look at the striking difference in the mirror.
Practice this attractive approach, with a vibrant glare in the eye. It’s worth doing it with your natural facial expression. This is much more appealing than a plain “just there” look or worse yet a seriously distorted look. It does not attract the guy and they will not be interested or they will just move on and will not bother to call. You now have an inner blade and you can avoid these mistakes. You can be on your way to finding the guy of your dreams!

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