There are two options to meet puma women you can join an online dating site to meet people in your area for free, or if you are more than a party animal, maybe you want to go there to bars and clubs and get some phone numbers not that way.

You have to understand if you follow this path, however, that a cougar woman is not just an older woman. A cougar is a lady on the road for a young puppy. Here are some simple ways to detect a cougar when you are in the city.
1. A cougar woman will often have a safe personality, so she will probably notice her immediately. She will often be the one who laughs with her friends and may seem like the life and soul of the party.
2. Puma women love to take care of themselves physically, so don’t be surprised if the lady in her forties at the bar, she has a better figure than her friends in their twenties.
3. Puma women sometimes dress provocatively to show that they are out for prowling. His style may include low-cut tops and short skirts. However, a sexy cougar does not dress like a prostitute and many women will prefer to dress more modestly to attract a better class of puppies. Whatever you wear, you will find that its inner glow shines.
4. Makeup styles may vary from puma to puma, but they will often highlight sexy areas of your face, such as bold pink or red lips, or dark eyeliner or mascara to make long black eyelashes. Cougars often have the experience of knowing what they should do to make them look good and often outshine younger girls in this area.
5. Like if you are checking any other woman, check if she has a ring on her left hand on her finger next to the little finger. This could be a wedding ring. Married women sometimes seek a relationship with a younger boy, but they often take off their wedding ring to make it clear that they are looking for him. Other rings and jewelry are fine.
6. Puma women are very aware of their body and love to combine their outgoing personality with an attractive face and figure. Therefore, some puma women will have very smooth faces where they have had botox, or slightly fuller lips or breasts of the surgery to help maintain a youthful figure.
We hope these tips help you locate a cougar woman the next time you go out. It is important to remember that no two women are equal and it is worth inventing a conversation with any older woman that appeals to you, so you can judge for yourself if it is a cougar. His seductive mannerisms will soon be in conversation. Watch out for the signals while talking to you. If you do the following, you may be interested:
1. Play with your hair

2. Caress your chest or play with a collar

3. Subtly imitate your body language

4. Laugh at your jokes

5. Makes eye contact

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