Therefore, you have already found the dating site you want to use.

You have taken your time, you read some articles and you think you have a good profile. Now start your search to find that person of your dreams. It should be so easy now, right? Well, I wouldn’t go that far. You should remember that the person you are contacting has probably been contacted before, especially if you are a long-term and / or attractive person. This is the reason why the first email of online dating is such an important step in breaking the ice.
You may not think about it too much, but a first online dating email is probably the hardest thing you will do when using a dating site. No, I don’t mean hard as in the real “job.” Think of it more as a test. When you think about what to write in a first online dating email, it should be about the person you are sending it to, that’s the first thing. For example: The person you send your first online dating email has an affinity for Chinese food and Lil Wayne. Do you have anything in common here?
It is better not to be specific in this area. You might think that a great way to open up is to say “Wow, I also love Chinese food and Lil Wayne,” but this seems like you’re trying too hard. In your first online dating email, you should suggest that you have the same interests, without looking good. Like: “I like your interests; we have a lot in common.” You see the difference? It’s subtleties like these that make or break your chances in your first online dating email.
Another thing to remember about an online dating email is that it should be an informal introduction, not a novel! Many people write 3, 4, even 500 email words to their target partner. Needless to say, this is too long if you are looking for effectiveness. Your first online dating email should be short, sweet and to the point. Also, you want the email to be conversational. This means that there is no “lol”, “W / E”, “ttfn” or other forms of Inter-slang. At the same time, you don’t want to be too scruffy. Keep it informal and well written.
In your first online dating email, I know you just want to shout, “You’re so hot!” Well, don’t do that. Seriously. This is especially true for boys who write a first online dating email to a girl. There is no need to congratulate your appearance at all. On the contrary – although appearances are what attracted you to your page – commenting on your profile, I like and dislike it, etc., but never in physical appearance.
Read the person’s profile before sending the first online appointment email. If you already answer a question on your profile, make sure you don’t ask again. In fact, try to avoid asking for anything. Just let them know that you are interested. Remember to keep it short, sweet, non-intrusive, professional and simple. Follow these steps and this email may be the first of many.

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